• 1-hour consultation in our studio
  • Complimentary

Our introductory consultation is a time for us to connect and get to know each other.  This time is most helpful when you have a project in mind but are uncertain about who to work with or where to begin.  We will share more about who we are, how we work, our areas of expertise, and portfolio of work.  We dialogue about your goals and explore together if we are the best fit for making those dreams a reality. When we meet a match, we both sign an agreement and we get your project started!



  • 2-hour on-site consultation
  • $150/hr + 1-way drive time

This time is yours!  You can expect us to answer your questions and help you with specific goals for your project.  To make the best use of this time, you prepare a place in your home for us to meet and work, gather any materials or drawings you have, create an agenda and outline your questions.  We will come prepared with our tools and knowledge and help educate and guide you toward the best solutions for your lifestyle and unique needs.  We take notes, photos and any other necessary documentation so that everything is on the record, without confusion.  After our 2-hour consultation, we will assemble a design package with all pertinent materials and recommendations into an action plan within 3 business days.  If you wish to continue working with us beyond your hourly consultation, we will explore creating a custom contract for your project and help guide you through that process.



Bridging the gap between architecture and interior design, interior architecture is a continuation of the exterior architecture of a building into its interior.  We offer a holistic approach to the complete building environment by identifying contextual relationships and patterns between exterior and interior space.

Design, digital drawing, detailing, and documentation of:

  •  space planning
  •  trim package
  •  stair elements
  •  fireplace surrounds
  •  beams, columns, ceilings
  •  kitchen, bath, and built-in cabinetry


Interior design elements are physically connected and secured to a building, bringing both permanence and increasing agility to interior space. Interior design involves planning, layouts, selections and implementation of materials, finishes and fixtures for flooring, ceilings, cabinetry, lighting and wall treatments.  Our interior designers understand human behavior and balance a scientific, evidence-based understanding of interior space with artistic design principles.

Selection, specification, scheduling, and diagramming of:

  • floor finishes
  • wall and ceiling finishes and coverings
  • cabinetry, millwork, countertops, and hardware
  • stair components, trim, beams and columns
  • lighting fixtures and electrical elements
  • plumbing fixtures and bath accessories
  • exterior materials and finishes
  • exterior and interior doors
  • appliances and equipment


Interior deĢcor deals primarily with items that can be modified without any interruption to the more fixed interior environment in which they are artistically applied for enhanced beauty and comfort.

  • furniture and fabrics
  • custom bedding
  • window treatments
  • art and accessories
  • rugs



  • scope, time, and budget management
  • project organization and client liaison and advocate
  • proposals and facilitation of orders, deliveries, and installation
  • meetings and coordination with trades
  • provision of sub-contractors
  • site visits and walk throughs



  • schematic design sketches and drawings (IA)
  • floor plans, elevations, and details (IA)
  • selection and specification schedule (ID)
  • fixture, furniture, and finish diagrams (ID)
  • meeting records and notes





We help when having guests, growing your family, hosting a party, coordinating home services, making upgrades, organizing, gifting, and more.

Ongoing services for an everyday luxury lifestyle:

  • national and international procurement of antiques, furniture, lighting
  • procurement to furnish: linens, dishware, pantry, table settings, holiday decor
  • installation and placement of furnishings
  • delivery and unpackaging of small furnishings
  • shop for the perfect gift, gift basket assembly
  • scheduling home services
  • waiting services
  • home organization
  • final cleaning before move in
  • prep second homes for guest arrival