Sophisticated Lifestyle Interiors

Jennifer Butler Interior Design is a leading design studio specializing in custom, luxury residences and high-end commercial projects.  We specialize in designing significant spaces that meaningfully influence and improve the way people live, work and play. 

JBID delivers high-quality interior architecture and design that exceeds client expectations. Our portfolio spans a diverse range of projects which reflect our clients’ sophisticated personal and professional lifestyles.  Our experience includes new luxury inland and waterfront residences, complete renovations, healthcare facilities, professional offices, hospitality spaces, and world-class spas and fitness centers. 

Our design approach addresses each client’s unique aesthetic and their demand for longevity, comfort, and functional spaces.  We value our client relationships, and carefully manage each project.  We respect and advocate for the budgets, schedules, and individual choices our clients request.  We consider the exterior architecture and context of a place when crafting our design solutions, and work with only the most reputable architects, builders and construction professionals.  As an integral part of the team, we collaborate with our partners to ensure we achieve the best outcomes.  We pride ourselves on maintaining transparent and frequent communication with clients.

Under the leadership of Principal Jennifer Butler, our competent team researches, documents and designs on the cutting edge of our industry.  We utilize the latest technology in 2D and 3D graphics to communicate our intent clearly and with precision.  We have high professional standards;  builders and tradespeople appreciate our clear, detailed drawings and documents that are easy to understand and build from.  Our team has a combined 60+ years of experience in the field - experience which establishes us as an influential, trusted business with many satisfied and repeat clients. 



Interiors are for people.

Without people, interior spaces are lifeless.  When people dwell in a house it becomes a home.  When people inhabit a workplace it becomes a catalyst for physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual human wellness and improvement.

We believe HONEST interiors reflect and enrich the people and the lifestyles of those who live and work in them.

We believe OBSERVING through conversation and intuition are indicators for design preferences.

We believe HIGH-TOUCH interiors promote respectful human connection and authentic relationships.

We believe PHYSICAL interior environment is scientifically proven to influence human emotion and behavior.


Interiors are purposeful. 

Without purpose, interior design is pointless.  Because interior design influences the way we live and work inside a building, interior design matters, significantly!  As a result, interior design dignifies people and their lives.

We believe INTELLIGENT interiors pursue both beautiful and livable environments for today and tomorrow.

We believe STRATEGIC interiors succeed through thoughtful planning and collaboration with others.

We believe LASTING interiors achieve a more durable and sustainable solution for design with good conscience.

We believe ADAPTABLE interiors anticipate current and future needs loosening the tension of permanence and change.