Kind Words From Our Residential Clients and Partners

"JENNIFER is no doubt one of the top interior designers and architects in West Michigan. Jennifer is a true creative talent. After 2 successful projects, I look foward to working with her again." ~Jeff Bennett, residential client

"JENNIFER has a great sense of perspective as an interior architect, pulling together and unifying spaces. She's an effective communicator who DOES NOT CONFORM to any particular style but is able to pull out the needs and wants of her clients and DO WHAT SUITS AND REFLECTS THE CLIENT BEST. Her approach is fresh, current and colorful without being trendy. She is personable and it is a pleasure to work with her!"


     "WE HIRED Jennifer Butler Interior Design to design our new kitchen remodel and addition. We couldn't have been happier with the way our extensive project turned out. Our home is a gracious 75+ year old house that had a very small kitchen, breakfast room, powder room, maid's area and attached tiny mud room...

     Jennifer and her team designed an open kitchen with top quality appliances, efficiently laid out floor plan, and a new attached mud room with a nice sized powder room. She worked effectively with our contractor, assembled drawings that guided the contractor and his team to build a fabulous space with gorgeous lines, surfaces, colors and layout that easily held 45+ women at a holiday party. We went for a Christopher Peacock look and more than achieved the goal. The project took nearly eight months from design start to construction finish but the result was well worth the wait. We are thrilled with our new kitchen. Our extended family and guests just rave!" ~Barbara Hohman, residential client


"JENNIFER has been instrumental in the design of my new home. She keeps an eye on the overall costs while making sure that the building plans conforms to her clients' tastes. She is warm and personable, communicating her ideas in a thoughtful way. She works well as part of a team and represents and ADVOCATES for the wishes of her clients. She is careful to hear her clients preferences and is able to design a wide range of styles, from the more contemporary to the early farmhouse style. Jennifer is a great asset to any building project. I have been thrilled to have her as a member of the team that is designing my next home." ~Kerry McAvoy, residential client


"JENNIFER Butler is extremely professional and well organized, She paid attention to our likes and tastes and provided selections of colors and materials accordingly. She was also not afraid to tell us if our particular request was not a good fit for the project when considering the big picture. Jennifer also made recommendations that we would not have normally chosen on our own but absolutely love. I would highly recommend her for any residential project." ~Eric Jackson, residential client


"THE PROJECT was a nearly total kitchen re-do that I'd been considering for a couple of years and thanks to Jennifer's creativity, energy and can-do spirit it finally got planned, started and now nearly finished. Being in a position of selling this home within about 4-5 years, the kitchen needed to be something I'd love, but not so individualistic for me that it might interfere with selling later. Right at the start her very practical suggestion was a realtor's assessment to evaluate a price range on the remodel that made sense within the context of the value of the home. I wanted to keep my teak parquet floor (also kept sink, faucet and the dishwasher) and she worked wonders around that starting point. 

Having ideas on the sense of how I wanted the kitchen to feel and work, but not really where to start, Jennifer brought her knowledge of the many options available, resources to use, and excellent trades people to bring it all together into an integrated whole that works so well with the rest of my home, too. And there were things I just wouldn't have even thought about (till it was too late!): for instance, right off the bat she said the lighting was inadequate and I realized it had been a problem all along, but yet I wouldn't have thought to change the ceiling cans, which, by the way, was easy and has made a huge difference! My kitchen is contemporary with a nice, light, clean feel to it exactly as I wanted. Her optimism and positive, helpful attitude has been critical when the unavoidable delays and problems have popped up. Finally, Jennifer has been just plain fun to work with and that is no small potatoes when remodeling a kitchen!" ~residential client


"IT'S A PLEASURE for me to comment on the excellent work that Jennifer Butler did for us as the interior designer of our newly constructed home.  In working with her over the past twelve months, she was responsible for numerous aspects of our project from trim package design, built-in cabinetry layout and design, lighting and plumbing selection and specification, material selections down to paint colors and furniture.  Furthermore, Jennifer’s talented staff was attentive and always happy to take the time required.

Jennifer Butler successfully applied her natural creative ability and broad experience to every task.  She is an exceptionally capable and personable individual, and I HAVE GREAT RESPECT FOR HER high-quality work and her responsible and trustworthy character." ~Reeds Lake Residence, client


"JENNIFER has done just an unbelievable job thus far on our home. She has completely changed my mind about using an interior designer and we have now decided to use her services for the entire home. She started by re-creating our floor plan and eliminating all of our space planning and flow issues that we couldn't seem to figure out. Based on how good that redesign was, we can't wait to get started on the interior architecture and material selections with her! Absolutely top notch and would recommend her to anyone!!" ~residential client


"I HAVE WORKED with Jennifer Butler Interior Design on several projects over the last 10 years. Jennifer Butler Interior Design brings a high level of professionalism to any project. They are great team players and focus extremely well on the client's wishes. They are not focused on a theme look for the firm, but the look that is right for the client and project. The kitchen and bath projects that we have collaborated on have A MORE COMPLETE LOOK with the input from Jennifer Butler Interior Design." ~Todd Wiley, TruKitchens


"JENNIFER was great to work with. She was professional and practical. She stayed within my budget and was VERY HONEST about the quality of the products that I was purchasing. She had a good knowledge of the era and style of my house and was able to mesh my interest with it. I would recommend Jennifer and look forward to working with her in the future." ~residential client


"WE REMODELED our bedroom suite to include a steam shower and walk-in closet that was formerly a bedroom. Jennifer worked with my builder to design the bathroom cabinetry and all of the closet specifics. The closet has many unique features. She also assisted me with curtains, shades, paint colors, carpet, custom bedding, lighting, and bathroom tile. She is knowledgeable in all areas and worked very well with my 'team'. She proved to be flexible and always adopted my tastes in colors and designs. She has a very good eye for color. She was extremely AVAILABLE and always RELIABLE.  I have also used Jennifer for three Scott Group rugs all of which were CUSTOM DESIGNED to match the rooms in my house. She was invaluable in the selection of colors and designs." ~residential client


"I have used Jennifer Butler for my last 3 home remodeling projects. She has helped to remodel my kitchen, suggested paint for the interior of my home and recommended products for updating my floors. Jennifer makes a project a breeze and my house looks FABULOUS. She takes her time getting to know you and has suggested products that work best for my family/pets." ~residential client


"JENNIFER was a pleasure to work with for both of our projects, new home and new office. Jennifer has a great combination of being creative and giving attention to detail. We have received numerous compliments about Jennifer's ideas. Jennifer did an outstanding job of LISTENING and working with us to stay WITHIN BUDGET and managing the project from beginning to end. Her personality and work ethic brought a tremendous amount of 'peace of mind' to both projects which was invaluable." ~Scott Kanai, residential and commercial client, Founder & Senior Partner, Kanai Wealth Management Group