How We Work


Dream and Discover

Do you have a project that you've been dreaming about, but you're not sure who to work with or where to start?  Let's connect, get to know each other, dialogue about your goals, and explore how we might be able to serve you in making those dreams a reality.

Make a Plan and Design

We give your project legs by meeting on site, hearing your objectives, and identifying the framework for your project's scope, budget and time constraints.  We can guide the selection of a project team or feather into an existing one, meeting and coordinating with key team players.  From there, we engage in an iterative and collaborative process of interior architecture and interior design development that honors all the time and information you've shared to get this far.  When design is complete, final documentation is distributed for implementation.

See Your Dreams Realized

From beginning to end, we provide oversight of construction and installation, coordinating and conducting needed site visits, and clarifying answers from the field.  We finish well by working closely with the project team to tie up every loose end.  In then end, you go to work or come home to a space you love to live, work and play.